Monthly Archives: November 2012

Asking for honesty

When I can keep crying and shove a pistol through my heart

My words become like medicine

Hard to swallow

Never spoke any lies

But still they weave round my words like spies

Fake smiles

Judging eyes

Im in the corner now

Shrivelling friendships

Searching for fucking honesty


What do they say? What do they call you?


Truth i speak time again but ears to hollow to hear

Honesty flows through my mind but disrupted

Disoriented by fear

Fear of what?

Fear of believing

Fear of the truth

Tell me its lies

Try and tell me to my face


There were so many times I didnt know your name

Same faces but empty domain

You gave me hard looks and a stern smile

Thinking that you had me understood

yet all the while

I fried and blazed in the sun
Lay there with my wings undone
Solid jagged as stone

You couldnt see what you had understood
Lost inside your ego
An image you created

You saw your creation gone,
But I was never her