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Flying for the doves I lost

swimming white in oceans red

deep the sea

blue waves crush over my body

my thighs jaunted

lips lighting shadows on your wrecked walls

quiet words instill secret silence

i do not surrender

when you tell me that you feel me sliding down by your side

I do not surrender, that’s me accepting that this is you.

I’m sliding away, head first crashing into the waves.

See the only way to be free of you, is by being free from this vessel.

Shame is my body that lay with you, pretending I wasn’t hurting

when I was throbbing inside.

When you tell me that you feel me sliding down by your side

that’s you pushing my head firm against the ocean

and that’s my soul letting go.


touch me 

feed me

hold my skin against yours

pursed lips against the black shadows of my eye

blank stares, soft stares locked eyes

face panned down, chin to chin, scraped smile

sultry grin

heart full of heat

wrapped, entwined, bound…

lovers light

grab me by the earth and pull her down

where her roots lie

soiled to the core

orange dusty gold

where only touch can be felt

in the simmering heat

paws wafting in their scent

you make me feel like red flames

foraging my essence

burning my being

soft wounds of light

starving affection spent over my body

leaving with soft spiraling lips


Smile skies of reddy blue

Uneven tapestry of me bathing my arms

Sectioned body

Anatomy ready to be read

With your scalpel I meet my fate

With smiles

Meditative Sword ©Kiran Kaur


in the writhing cold where I set my flame

the howls slide inside me whispering through my body

the spirit slipping sturdily down the spine

the ghost of a memory

wet, crying with pain

foraging for the lost soul

mourning the loss of empty vessels



riveting the embodiment of a soul woman

her body dipped in ruby wine

bold, words for eyes

her shine emulates as she speaks her verse

she speaks the stars truth

Streamline smiles that measure from ear to ear

wolf woman bleed through your vines

paint the world with your pictures

and gratify your visions spirit