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how long are you going to keep suffocating yourself?

let run your inspired mind

gasping for diseased streets

infected from a heart full of heat

this is just for you

waiting on inspiration

you think you are empty?

you have unsung holes

and false heroes

your hope has not run dry

your belief has not been crushed

you are alive

that sword across your chest can only dig deeper if you push it

is that the answer you seek?


There were so many times I didnt know your name

Same faces but empty domain

You gave me hard looks and a stern smile

Thinking that you had me understood

yet all the while

I fried and blazed in the sun
Lay there with my wings undone
Solid jagged as stone

You couldnt see what you had understood
Lost inside your ego
An image you created

You saw your creation gone,
But I was never her


in the writhing cold where I set my flame

the howls slide inside me whispering through my body

the spirit slipping sturdily down the spine

the ghost of a memory

wet, crying with pain

foraging for the lost soul

mourning the loss of empty vessels


Lenny Kravitz

You Bled me And Loved me

You Held me And Smothered me

You Write me Down

And Read me Like An Empty Poem