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Dead thoughts in my head

paralyzed fingers obtaining my right to spill words

mouth sewn together halting the words parting from my lips

brain succumbed by terror and rage

all of it gone

not a thought

nor a feeling

left to spare


Flying for the doves I lost

swimming white in oceans red

deep the sea

blue waves crush over my body

my thighs jaunted

lips lighting shadows on your wrecked walls

quiet words instill secret silence

who he is

tell a story

let me tell his story

his eyes grinned like black craters in the moon

his hands shone as he slid his palm against my face

forcing his lips along the lines of my body

shoving his tenacious tongue down my gullet

grunting and pounding

i want

Her eyes scar me like stones through my chest

My heart burns every time she licks her lips

Her hands stir me like my rival punching me in the head

Her voice stings my ears like a familiar friend

And all I wanna do is put my hands around her throat and bring her close

the writer

final thoughts crash me like a pendulum swinging down against my head

the train of thought slowly dying like a rotten idea

words keep forming

that don’t exist

I keep drawing sentences from a state of delirium with a senile smile licking my lips

I gorge of each verse as I spread my left hand across the paper

writing until my bones clench into handwriting unrecognisable

softly, sadly, spoken

simmering softly words peel through my throat

eyes dim down sadly strangled by each thought

the only true verse spoken from her benevolent lips

Dali, Mae West lips sofa