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Slipping through the night

I almost held my breath

wanted to blink twice

but I pushed and did it anyway

dont grab my hand

I want to be free

Jumping from the sky

into the sea

Fast Car

Merry Christmas!!!


I can only make for myself the life I create

The pain I harbor follows me like a steel knife

And my feelings punish me for having emotions

If I cease them, they fail to breathe and let lie

I try to hope for tranquility

But hope doesn’t pursue truth

Truth hurts but sets me free

My wordle image from a document of poetry and shorts over the last 2 years

Dead Like Taurus

Dead like Taurus

Her eyes are white

Yellow bowls of cries

Her green fields sacrament among the skin

Boiling hearts torn through terror

Ed Norton

Dead like Taurus


my thoughts tingle as the sensation severs through my lungs

my throat begins to soften as i say your name gracefully

all the pain spills out like the surpresent has dissapeared

I hurl my feelings at you as if im about to break

I beat and beat my fingers against my temples

as i anxiously wait for your voice to find my ear

and i slowly slip silently into a soiled world of delusion

where your hand meddles against my heart holding me far from pain

i can only vision what i want

reality itself bites at me and wants me to kill to feel happy

and although i let that thought gnaw at me, i never will

waiting for what i want will only soothe mind

for what i want, you would not give me

for the need to want me was never there

I worte this a while back, listening to Jewel today I felt her song Don’t related in a way

Camille ~ Greta Garbo 1936

After watching Camille starring Greta Garbo, I feel melancholy but in an amazing way. I’ve been watching a lot of her films lately, they all seem to be sad and evoke too much emotion from me. Her performance in each film I think is outstanding; she is very much a great expressive actress with her facial expression, body language and tone. Visually these films speak to me, the element of black and white which uses stunning shadows to create essence, luminance and emotion within the narrative. The decadence of the era these films were created in speaks through the lavish set and dress, which makes me wonder what beauty I would see if it was in colour. Nonetheless black and white is never a let down, it highlights how grand the production design is, it allows for the use of imagination and the tones from grey white to the blackest black brings the colour to the film. Even if the plot of the film is not appealing to some, Garbo’s performance speaks for itself, she brings the script to life, to imagine another actress in this role would take away the sincerity that Garbo brings. Ironically Garbo’s character in the film Marguerite speaks about how she prides herself on her sincerity. The script and performance speaks for itself.

Camille Clip

Check out the Camille Clip  link 🙂

One of my favourite scenes from Camille, Garbo brings realism to the character Marguerite.

The composition so simple but effective…