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you are restricted by your functioning mind

i’m restricted by my high functionality 

they think nothing is wrong

what is wrong is me



bled till i’m read

and you can tell me all the riddles that lie in my mind

because nothing is wrong with me?

you are restricted by your functioning mind

and I am restricted by the constraints you place upon me

the writer

final thoughts crash me like a pendulum swinging down against my head

the train of thought slowly dying like a rotten idea

words keep forming

that don’t exist

I keep drawing sentences from a state of delirium with a senile smile licking my lips

I gorge of each verse as I spread my left hand across the paper

writing until my bones clench into handwriting unrecognisable


Slipping through the night

I almost held my breath

wanted to blink twice

but I pushed and did it anyway

dont grab my hand

I want to be free

Jumping from the sky

into the sea